publications are recommended reading for all our courses and for self improvement and clear knowledge and understanding of depth psychology. Our publications are shown below. The book, Stop Smoking Now! is published by Eloquent Books, Durham, Connecticut, USA, and the book Lose Weight Now! is published by Strategic Book Group, USA. Both books are included here with the permission of the author.

The Chinese book is SEX and PSYCHOSEXUALITY by Antony Maurice-Nneke. The book is published by Xinjiang Press, Urumqi, China. It is included here by permission of the author. There is no click on this book but information about contact and order can be obtained from the following Chinese websites:

Mind Castles

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Sex and Sexuality

Chinese book


Our little book, Mind Castles, has been described by its readers as “explosively powerful”. This book costs £27.50 inclusive of postage and packing but it is now available on a special offer to visitors to this web site, who are not already our students, at £10.95 only.

Please mention that you read about the offers online.


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